Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Kitty's newfound rampantness

Kitty came off the contraceptive pill recently and since then she's turned into Her Rampantness. Her appetite for bush exploring has been insatiable - she's at it once everyday (frequently more often); whereas when she was under the influence of chemical hormones she only used to show an interest in her nether regions the few days before her period (the week she wasn't taking the pill).

The contraceptive pill is renown for putting a damper on one's libido. If this is you, you might want to consider an alternative form of contraception, although we do realise we're very limited on the options front.

Kitty only used to bush explore by rubbing her clitoris with her fingers. She's recently discovered the wonders of vibrators. She likes them, because when she comes her muscles clamp around the throbbing vibrator - this, coupled with clenching her buttock muscles at the same time, makes her purr! (Excuse the cheese.)

She's now into using one vibrator on her clitoris and another inside her - this has got to be the best. This is why Rampant Rabbits were invented. She's just off now to try out the Rampant Rabbit Elite from the Ann Summers range. I'll let you know how big her smile is when she's done! :)

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